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Product Development

Cosmetic Product Development

Our clients collaborate closely with our highly skilled R&D team to customize formulas tailored precisely to their unique requirements.

Diverse Makeup Solutions

With a 15-year track record, we specialize in extensive research and development for crafting premium, all-natural cosmetic formulations and ingredients.

All Makeup Color Formulations

Our expertise spans all color formulations, ensuring vibrant and versatile makeup options.And we are familiar with the latest market data to assist you in creating hot-selling products in your local market.

Face Makeup


Vegan and Cruelty-Free

Commitment to ethical practices – our entire cosmetic line is both vegan and cruelty-free.

Product Development

Full Service

Product R&D

Over the past 15 years, we have continuously improved our quality system to ensure that our products can meet the latest standards of CFDA and your local market.
Our quality management covers every step and detail:

  •  GMP compliant factory and operation
  • Branded materials from our reliable supplier
  • Meticulous QC team in charge of daily monitoring
  • Strict hygiene standards for workers
  • Well-equipped lab for testing
  • Periodic equipment checks
  • Product traceability system
  • Verify your product meets Regulatory Compliance
  • Batch Productio to show Investors, Distributors, Manufacturers, or for use at Trade Shows

Ingredient Customization

Kindly inform us of your preferred ingredients to tailor our product formulations to your specific skincare requirements.

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Product Development
Product Development
Product Development
Product Development
Product Development
Product Development

The ingredients selected for our product formulas play a pivotal role in their functionality. For instance, Jojoba oil is great for moisturizing, especially after using foundation or concealer, to keep your skin from getting dry.Shea Butter is used in cosmetics to calm sensitive skin and reduce redness due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

If you prioritize natural, vegan, or cruelty-free products, the ingredients we use are paramount in ensuring that our products align with your preferences.

Formulation Enhancement and Troubleshooting

Our expertise extends to deformulation and reformulation services, including:

Deformulation & Reformulation:

  • Reverse engineer, replicate, and enhance existing products.
    We’ve assisted clients in expanding their product range by deformulating and reformulating existing products.
  • This efficient process saves both time and costs as we reverse engineer competitor products and tailor them to your specifications.

Product Development Process

At Xiran Cosmetics, we excel in Research and Development, specializing in Custom Formulation. Our team offers guidance and expertise to tailor formulations that precisely meet your business requirements.

1.Consultation with Formulation Development Experts

Initiate a comprehensive consultation to gain a deep understanding of your cosmetics product’s desired characteristics and specifications. This critical step enables our formulation scientists to assess potential challenges, establish project timelines, and estimate associated costs accurately.

Product Development
Product Development

2.Formulation Development Excellence

Our team of highly skilled formulation R&D Team will embark on the journey of crafting a unique and innovative formulation precisely aligned with your technical requirements and vision.

3.Prototype Evaluation and Feedback Loop

We’ll provide sample batches for your meticulous review and feedback. Your insights will play a pivotal role in refining and finalizing the product’s formulation to meet your expectations.

Product Development
Product Development

4.Comprehensive Support Ecosystem

Our commitment extends beyond formulation development. We offer a comprehensive suite of services, including shelf life analysis, meticulous packaging selection and compatibility assessment, regulatory guidance, and validation of marketing claims.

5.Technology Transfer & Scale-Up

As the new formulation takes shape, our laboratory will produce trial batches for your assessment. Once your cosmetics product achieves its final form, we seamlessly transfer the complete formulation to our manufacturing department, ensuring a smooth transition to large-scale production.

Product Development

Exclusive Formulas Tailored to Your Brand

Distinguish your makeup products from the ordinary with our meticulously crafted formulations.

OEM Projects

By collaborating closely with our dedicated R&D team, you gain the power to define the ingredients and effectiveness of your cosmetics solutions. Our R&D experts can adapt your existing formula or create an entirely new product specifically tailored to your brand.

ODM Projects

With 15 years of expertise in cosmetics development and sales, we boast an extensive library of over 8000 proven formulations for you to select from. Choose skincare products that align with your brand’s unique functional positioning and budgetary considerations.

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