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cosmetics certificates

Cosmetic Certificates

cosmetics certificates


The scope of certification includes cosmetics and cosmetics raw materials. By managing the processing process of cosmetics and their raw materials, the establishment of personnel, facilities and facilities, hygiene and insect control, equipment, process control,quality control and quality assurance, product traceability and recall The systemic quality control system ensures the hygiene and safety of cosmetics. At the same time, ensure the traceability of cosmetics product and the recall capability of the enterprise.When the quality and safety of the product occurs, the risk is minimized, so as to ensure the interests of the operator and consumers.

cosmetics certificates


Cosmetics-GOOD Manufacturing Practices (COSMETICS-GOOD ManUFACTING PRACTICES) is an international standardized organization (ISO) in November 2007 for the quality management system standard for the cosmetics industry. Operation guide. ISO22716 international Standards for Cosmetics Standards the management requirements of cosmetics manufacturers; hardware requirements (factory buildings, production venues, equipment,etc.), material procurement and use, and product manufacturing process hygiene and quality control, personnel health management, product inspection, quality abnormal quality Disposal and product complaints and recall content.

cosmetics certificates


It is the highest law enforcement agency authorized by the US Congress, that is,the Federal Government,is authorized by the US Congress, that is, the federal government, is the federal government. FDA is responsible for supervision and ensuring the safety of cosmetics. They formulate and implement cosmetics -related regulations and standards,evaluate the safety of cosmetics ingredients, supervise the production and sales of cosmetics, and handle complaints and events related to cosmetics safety. Foods,medicines,cosmetics and medical appliances certified by FDA certification are ensured that the human body is safe and effective.

cosmetics certificates


The full name of BSCI is advocated by commercial social compliance. BSCI verification and factory inspection refers to an institution that advocates the company’s social responsibility and the global supplier of BSCI members to carry out corporate social responsibility audit,mainly includes: compliance with the constitution, freedom of associations, and collective negotiations, strictly forbidating, compensation, work hours The safety of office space is strictly forbidden to employment of children’s workers and forced labor,environment and safety hazards.

cosmetics certificates


It refers to the certification and standards of the European Economic Zone (including member states including EU countries and European Free Trade Alliances), which allows products to be sold freely in the European market. CE certification marks the product of the EU’s safety, health and environmental protection requirements, and has obtained corresponding recognition

cosmetics certificates


Certificate of Free Sale refers to a free sales certificate, which is sometimes called an export certificate . It is a very important document in international trade, which is usually distributed by government agencies exporting countries, proves that the product has been sold in the exporting country market, and is approved as a safe and compliant commodity. This certificate is common in international trade and is one of the necessary documents for imported goods in many countries and regions.

cosmetics certificates


CPSR is an independent cosmetics safety assessment. Before entering the EU market, cosmetics must be evaluated to ensure that they use it safely under normal and reasontable foreseeable conditions and meet cosmetics regulations.

cosmetics certificates


It is a general origin certificate in international trade. It is a type of origin of the origin of the origin and a proof document used to prove the production place and manufacturing place of exported goods. The general origin certificate is a proof document used to prove the goods and manufacturing places. It is a certificate of origin in international trade behavior.Under certain circumstances

cosmetics certificates


It is a quality test report that is usually issued by third -party testing agencies to prove that products meet relevant standards and regulatory requirements. The COA test report is one of the important documents that the product must have before entering the market, and it is also one of the references for consumers to choose the product. According to cosmetics regulations, COA reports that require cosmetics to provide each component raw material contained in the product to ensure the safety of the raw materials and the basis for the assessment of the finished cosmetics safety assessment

cosmetics certificates


Chemical safety technical manual, known as chemical safety information card internationally,is a chemical manufacturer and dealer’s characteristics that must be provided in accordance with the law (such as pH value, flash point, flammable, reaction activity, etc.) , Toxictiy,environmental harm, and a comprehensive document that may cause harm to user(such as carcinogenic, teratogenic, etc.)

cosmetics certificates

Not tested on animals (Cruelty Free)

Commitment to the environment, Standard specifies that all manufacturing products have not been tested on animals.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are firmly against animal testing, so our products are never tested on animals. We are committed to using advanced alternative methods and clinical testing to ensure the quality and safety of our products, while respecting animal rights and caring for the environment.

To verify the validity of our certification and qualifications, you can check our company name or certification number by visiting the official website of the relevant certification agency.Additionally, you can contact the certification body or review our certification certificates to to ensure they contain the correct information, such as organization name,certification number and expiration date. These methods can help you confirm the legality and validity of our certifications and qualifications

We adhere to a strict quality management system, from raw material procurement to production process control, to final product inspection, to ensure that every link meets high quality standards. We only use certified raw materials to ensure product quality and safety,while complying with international cosmetics regulations to provide high-quality, safe makeup products

To obtain test and analysis reports for our products, you can contact our customer support team directly and they will provide you with the required documents or guide you on how to obtain them. We are committed to transparency and compliance, ensuring the quality and safety of our products are proven.

Yes, we offer product samples or trials so customers can experience our products for themselves.Please contact our customer support team and they will guide you on how to obtain appropriate samples or trials to meet your needs and interests. We encourage customers to try our products before purchasing to ensure they meet their expectations.

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