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Custom Logo Organic Tinted Bronzer Balm Contour Cream Bronzer

volume:30 ML / 1 OZ(customized)
Color: Customizable
Packing: Customized on demand
Design: Free packaging design
Formula: Customized formula
Service: OEM/ODM/Private Label

Grapeseed Oil, Vegan, Hyaluronic acid, Cruelty Free

A cream balm bronzer with a natural-radiant finish that melts in for an effortless all-over bronze. Paired with brush, Tinted Bronzer’s creamy texture makes it easy to build and blend your look without overdoing it.

1. Swirl your favorite buffing brush into Cream Bronzer.
2. For a natural sun-kissed bronze: blend and buff onto areas where the sun naturally hits such as cheekbones, bridge of nose, temples, and forehead for a wash of sun-kissed color.
3. For an easy soft-sculpt contour: go for a neutral, cool shade and apply to perimeters of the face, buffing inward.

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