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Air Cushion Blush


Custom High Pigment Lip And Cheek Blush Tint Face Air Cushion Blush

volume:28g / 0.99 OZ(customized)
Color: Customizable
Packing: Customized on demand
Design: Free packaging design
Formula: Customized formula
Service: OEM/ODM/Private Label

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nelumbium speciosum flower extract, Purified water, prunus mume fruit extract,

Moisturizing and transparent ‘hydrating gloss’ blush
Let the skin show natural radiance and bright luster at different angles.

Natural colors as clear and bright as watercolor
Layered colored powders present clean colors layer by layer. The clear and bright blush makeup fits the skin lightly, making the makeup look natural and gorgeous without being abrupt.

Lightly fits the skin, ‘long-lasting effect’
Glossy coating flat powder, lightly fits, non-sticky, evenly spreads, and keeps the skin smooth for a long time.

Step 1
Slide two fingers into the puff and press the product onto the cushion.

Step 2
Apply an appropriate amount of product to cover half of the puff.

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