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How to Find A Reliable Private Label Makeup Manufacturer for Beginners

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Finding a reliable and cost-effective private label makeup manufacturer is the key to success for beginners just starting a business. If you don’t know how to find such a manufacturer, save this article for reference.

Choose The Best makeup For Your Beauty And Cosmetics Business

Three Major Factors To Consider When Selecting A Makeup Manufacturer

To make your private label idea a reality, you must find reliable manufacturers and establish partnerships with them. Finding a reliable makeup manufacturer is significant to lay the foundation for future brand building. If the first product performs well and you are satisfied, you will likely continue working with them.

For starters, here are three things you should be looking for when looking for a private label makeup manufacturer:

quality control

(1). Ensure Products Quality

Products labeled with your private label represent your brand and will affect your store’s reputation. Therefore, you should remember to check the product quality. Ensure you are satisfied with the samples and prototypes before placing a large order with the manufacturer to avoid losses.

(2). Is The Manufacturer Reliable

When looking for a manufacturer, ask these questions: 
Is the manufacturer experienced? 
Is the level of satisfaction high? 
Do they have a product that matches your product idea? 
What is their product delivery time? 
Can we guarantee on-time delivery at all times?

Since the final product will be labeled with your brand, you are responsible for any legal issues that may arise. You must understand intellectual property, including trademark and patent risks, and all the regulations for selling specific categories on Amazon. For example, if you’re selling dietary supplements, comply with Amazon’s packaging and labeling requirements.

What Kind Of Makeup Manufacturers Are You Looking For?

First, beginners should know what kind of manufacturers to look for. If potential manufacturers meet the following characteristics, you may consider establishing a win-win, mutually beneficial partnership with them.

(1). A Reasonable Quotation

Is the manufacturer willing to provide you with a quote? Is there still room for negotiation? Is it in your budget? At the price offered by the merchant, can you still profit on Amazon or other e-commerce platforms? Negotiating prices with manufacturers can help you make more profits.

You can ask for quotes from multiple manufacturers and compare them to determine whether the quotes you receive are reasonable. Remember to ask about minimum order quantities, additional prices for replacement samples, and all shipping costs.

(2). A Rich Experience

Ensure the manufacturers you are considering have experience making private label products, preferably for over ten years, and are in your product category or niche market. Ask to see pictures and physical objects of the products they have produced to confirm whether they are compliant.

Confirm whether the color, size, style and other relevant specifications you require can be produced and whether they can be modified according to your needs.

(3). A Good Production Quality

Before cooperating with a new manufacturer, product quality should generally be considered. Ensure the manufacturer can send you samples to check the product quality. Requesting to send samples can help you check the product’s appearance, texture, and quality before you place an order and resolve any potential defects promptly.

Some experienced buyers will also use other IDs to contact the same manufacturers to provide samples to compare the quality of the two samples and ensure the manufacturers do not only send high-quality samples. Once you receive a sample, you can test the product, check all product details, and correct deficiencies before going into production.

(4). Delivery On Time

Ask each manufacturer about their product delivery times and their history of on-time delivery. This is especially important if you are working with an overseas manufacturer or caught up in a significant Amazon sale, ensuring your products are delivered on time.

(5). Low Product Defect Rate

Check the manufacturer’s product defect rate and search online for reviews of the manufacturers from other sellers who have cooperated with it.

(6). Flexible Cooperation Terms

To ensure that the cooperative business proceeds smoothly, beginners should communicate effectively and clearly with suppliers in stages. Please don’t take it lightly; ensure the supplier is always honest and reliable.

Develop flexible terms and conditions. If you receive defective products, ask the supplier if they can reduce the price to compensate for your losses, ensuring you always benefit. Ensure both parties sign the agreement and keep it for emergencies.

How To Find A Reliable Makeup Manufacturer

(1). Alibaba


Alibaba is very famous for finding manufacturers. The important thing is that you can cooperate with gold suppliers. These gold suppliers are high-quality suppliers that have passed online tests and been certified. Cooperate with these golden suppliers to be more reliable and avoid encountering junk or fake suppliers.

(2). Salehoo


Salehoo includes 8,000+ certified suppliers, both local and global. Sellers can connect with private label manufacturers in specific niche markets. There is a fee to use this tool, as well as annual and lifetime plans.

(3). ThomasNet


Through its Supplier Discovery function, you can find 500,000+ US suppliers and customize and filter out qualified suppliers by qualification, location, country, quality certification, etc.

(4). Maker’s Row


It has more than 10,000 suppliers, and there are more than 2 million American-made products under this network of relationships.

(5). Dunhuang Net

Website:, headquartered in Beijing, is China’s most significant B2B cross-border e-commerce trading platform. The platform has a variety of categories and a total of more than 22 million products.

(6). Global Sources


Global Sources is a Hong Kong-based manufacturer that promotes trade between Asia and the world through its online platforms, exhibitions, magazines, and apps.



Made in China (“MIC”) was established in 1998 to help global buyers purchase directly from Chinese manufacturers. Buyers can search online for products in over 3,600 categories, send inquiries, and get supplier quotes.

(8). Reddit


Reddit is a famous social networking site in the United States, similar to Baidu Tieba in China. Reddit can be used to search for private label suppliers of specific verticals, specific locations, and even specific products.

If you want to cast a wide net, search on Google, and various results will appear. Then, you only need to filter to find the exact information, and if you have time, you can also find suitable suppliers based on categories and market segments. For example, if you are a private label seller selling cosmetics, you can search for “private label cosmetics manufacturers,” “private label makeup manufacturers,” or “top makeup manufacturers in China.” If you want to find manufacturers in China that comply with specific product safety and health regulations, then Google is a handy resource.

(10). Trade Shows And Wholesale Markets

You can visit domestic and foreign trade shows or wholesale markets if you want to communicate with suppliers. Some exhibitions say “order-writing shows,” which means you can place orders with manufacturers at the exhibition.

Recommended resource for finding trade shows: PLMA(; the enterprise cooperates with 4500+ companies worldwide, located in more than 75 countries. It holds trade shows large and small every year, mainly in Chicago, USA, and Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Launch Your Private Label Makeup Brand With Xiran Cosmetics

private label  manufacturer

A professional makeup manufacturer can provide brands with one-stop, multi-faceted, one-to-one processing, marketing, and training solutions that fit the brand’s needs. Xirancosmetics can provide customers with one-stop OEM/ODM processing.

In cosmetic products, the formula is the core of the product, thus determining the efficacy of the product. Therefore, the cosmetics manufacturer industry has the following three models:

(1) . Manufacturer Provides Product Formula – For Beginners

Many cosmetics startups need to have R&D teams. The manufacturer will provide customers with existing formula products that meet customer requirements, that is, a proofing experience based on the customer’s production needs, production cost budget, and functional requirements. If the customer is satisfied, mass production can be done based on the experienced samples.

(2). The Brand Provides The Formula

In this case, cosmetic brands with R&D capabilities are more willing to spend much time and energy on R&D products. Therefore, cooperation with cosmetics processing factories only requires the processing factories to cooperate in production to ensure the quality of the products.

(3). The Makeup Manufacturer Develops Formulas According To Requirements

Generally speaking, if customers are interested in a particular brand of cosmetics and request the production of similar products, their effects will be imitated or upgraded based on them, and the factory will develop the formula according to demand.

The brand owner only needs to apply for a business license, register a trademark, sign a cosmetics processing contract, and then entrust Xirancosmetics to process and produce its brand. This can also make the price of the finished product cheaper. The brand owner does not need to set up its R&D department.


For beginners, it is not easy to find a reliable manufacturer to build a private label, but only if you find one can you continue the business, including cost negotiation, creating a brand logo, design, and packaging. Before officially working with a manufacturer, check and verify each potential manufacturer to ensure the business will recover and proceed smoothly.

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