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private label makeup manufacturers

Best private label makeup manufacturers in North America

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In this highly competitive industry, it is crucial to choose the best private label makeup manufacturer because they are not just makers of products but also implementers of brand vision. From high-quality raw materials to unique formulas, as well as superior packaging and production capabilities, North America is home to numerous private label cosmetics manufacturers, offering brands a wide range of options.

private label makeup manufacturers

Overview of makeup in the North American market

In 2023, the cosmetics market reached a revenue of US$ 54 billion, with an expected annual growth rate of 3.51% (CAGR 2023-2028). The United States leads in global revenue generation, with US$ 43.4 billion in 2023. On a per-person basis, revenues of US$ 43 are anticipated for 2023. Non-luxury goods are projected to account for 71% of sales in the cosmetics market by 2023.

Canadian famous private makeup brand


KDC/ONE stands as a worldwide contract manufacturing entity, offering comprehensive solutions across the beauty, health, and personal care domains. Renowned for their profound knowledge and dedication to pioneering approaches, KDC/ONE serves as a reliable collaborator for prominent brands within the beauty and wellness industries.

Cargo Cosmetics 

Known for its travel-themed packaging and diverse makeup collections, Cargo Cosmetics is a renowned brand offering a broad spectrum of makeup items. Their product lineup includes dynamic eyeshadows, enduring lipsticks, and groundbreaking mascara formulations.

ColorStrokes Cosmetics-Natural / Organic Cosmetics 

ColorStrokes takes pride in its natural, plant-based formulations, which have earned EU approval. The brand is committed to offering products that are vegan and gluten-free and enriched with certified organic ingredients. With the flexibility of accommodating varying order quantities, ColorStrokes offers an extensive product range that is readily customizable for businesses looking to market these premium products under their own brand.



NUDESTIX is a makeup brand that emphasizes ease and natural beauty. They are known for their convenient, multi-purpose makeup crayons designed for effortless application, enhancing the user’s features with a fresh and minimalist approach.

Lise Watier

Lise Watier is a well-established Canadian makeup brand known for its luxurious and innovative products. Their extensive range includes high-quality foundations, lipsticks, and eyeshadows, often featuring cutting-edge formulas and trendy color palettes.

Mexico’s famous private makeup brand


Bissú, a well-known Mexican cosmetics label, celebrates its extensive collection of makeup items, including lipsticks, eyeshadows, and nail polishes. They offer budget-friendly choices for makeup enthusiasts.

Yakampot Beauty

Yakampot Beauty is an extension of the Mexican fashion brand Yakampot. They offer a range of makeup products designed to complement their clothing collections, including lipsticks and eyeshadows in sophisticated and versatile shades.

Pai Pai

Pai Pai is a cruelty-free cosmetics brand that celebrates Mexican culture through vibrant and artistic packaging. Its bright lipsticks, eyeshadows and blushes often feature stunning designs inspired by Mexican art and tradition.

Bésame Cosmetics

Bésame Cosmetics is known for its vintage-inspired makeup products. They specialize in creating timeless, high-quality cosmetics with a retro aesthetic, often replicating historical makeup shades and packaging. Their dedication to authenticity and nostalgia has garnered a loyal following both in Mexico and internationally.

American famous private makeup brand

Lady Burd Cosmetics

Lady Burd Cosmetics is a well-known beauty company specializing in the production of high-quality cosmetics and skin care products. With decades of industry expertise, Lady Burd is a trusted name in the beauty industry.

Audrey Morris Cosmetics International

Audrey Morris is a company specializing in the development and manufacturing of private label cosmetics, covering makeup, skin care and hair care products. As a leader in private label cosmetics manufacturing, the company provides integrated solutions for all its customers’ cosmetic business needs.

Pinnacle Cosmetics

Pinnacle Cosmetics is a well-known cosmetics brand specializing in a wide range of high quality cosmetics. The brand is praised for its innovation and excellent formulations and has become the first choice of makeup lovers around the world.

KBL Cosmetics

KBL Cosmetics specializes in manufacturing private label skincare, cosmetics, and personal care products. Renowned for effectively collaborating with diverse clients such as spas, salons, and beauty brands, they bring their expertise to every project.

Tarte Cosmetics

Founded in 1999 by Maureen Kelly, Tarte is a well-known American cosmetics brand celebrated for its emphasis on natural beauty and clean cosmetics. The brand’s standout product line, Tarte’s Amazon Clay range, encompasses foundation, blush, and eyeshadow palettes, lauded for the skin-friendly properties of Amazonian clay.

Competitive private-label makeup manufacturer in North America

XYZ Cosmetics- American Personal Label Cosmetics factory

XYZ Cosmetics established in the heart of the beauty industry, XYZ has garnered a stellar reputation for producing high-quality, customization cosmetic products that have taken the market by storm.
What sets XYZ Cosmetics apart is their unwavering commitment to innovation, using cutting-edge formulations and trending colors to stay at the forefront of the beauty industry. TXYZ Cosmetics has become the go-to choice for countless beauty brands looking to create their signature makeup lines in the American market.

private label makeup manufacturers

Republic Cosmetics Private Label Division-Your private label expert in Mexico

Republic Cosmetics Private Label Division boasts a remarkable legacy, boasting two decades of unwavering dedication to the exploration, formulation, and production of cosmetic and personal care items. Their comprehensive expertise spans research, development, manufacturing, importation, exportation, and conditioning. This commitment manifests in their unwavering drive to craft products that consistently exceed client expectations, aligning seamlessly with both domestic and international quality management standards.
Their mission revolves around the creation of personal care and beauty products that not only meet but surpass stringent quality benchmarks, meticulously tailored to cater to their diverse clientele. With an impressive portfolio comprising over 1200 privately labeled products, Republic Cosmetics Private Label Division has emerged as a global player, supported by an extensive network of suppliers.

Columbia Cosmetics-American Personal Label Cosmetics factory

Founded in 1978 within the vibrant landscape of the San Francisco Bay Area, Columbia Cosmetics has steadily ascended to become a behemoth in the realm of private-label cosmetics across North America. Their extensive repertoire encompasses a diverse spectrum of stock color cosmetics and avant-garde skincare innovations, further complemented by their proficiency in crafting tailored formulations.
Their global footprint extends to more than 170 countries, resonating with an illustrious clientele that includes internationally acclaimed cosmetic retailers, prestigious beauty salons, luxurious spas, upscale boutiques, as well as discerning color and image consultants. Renowned for their excellence, Columbia Cosmetics’ products have graced the pages of elite publications, graced blockbuster movie sets and fashion runways, and garnered an impressive array of accolades.

Pure Anada-Canadian Personal Label Cosmetics factory

Pure Anada, a private label cosmetics manufacturer, is renowned for its commitment to natural and organic formulations. Their state-of-the-art factory employs rigorous quality control measures to ensure consistency and purity in every product.
Pure Anada collaborates with businesses looking to create their own branded cosmetics, offering private label solutions that encompass product development, packaging design, and labeling. Their dedication to clean and environmentally conscious ingredients aligns with the growing demand for natural beauty products. As a private label factory, Pure Anada empowers brands to offer customers safe, eco-friendly, and effective beauty solutions tailored to their unique preferences and values.

private label makeup manufacturers

Looking to kickstart your cosmetics career? Guangzhou Xiran Cosmetics Co., LTD. is a good choice!

If you have aspirations in the cosmetics industry and seek an established cosmetics manufacturer, Guangzhou Xiran Cosmetics Company stands out as an excellent choice. Xiran Cosmetics Factory serves as your comprehensive partner for creating your brand of cosmetics. With a wealth of experience spanning 15 years in customizing formulations, Xiran can offer the option to brand your logo on the products. Their production processes adhere to GMP and ISO quality standards, and they furnish you with MSDS and COA for both raw materials and products, aiding you in product registration in your country.
Xiran stands as a leading laboratory in the cosmetics domain, not only supplying products but also tailoring them to your specific needs. Their services encompass market research, customized formula development, packaging design, product-related testing and certification, production, final packaging, and logistical solutions.

The Xiran team prioritizes top-tier quality, competitive pricing, and unique product offerings to ensure your success. We are committed to working in your favor. They aspire to cultivate long-term, mutually beneficial business relationships with you.

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private label makeup manufacturers

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