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How to start a liquid foundation business in Singapore

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In today’s beauty industry, liquid foundation, as an indispensable product, has always been favored by consumers. In Singapore, a market with huge potential, the liquid foundation business also has huge business opportunities. However, succeeding in this market is not easy. This article will give you a detailed introduction on how to start a liquid foundation business and succeed in the Singapore market.

Liquid foundation market research

Liquid foundation market research

01 Market Trend Analysis

First of all, it is crucial to understand the development trends of the market. The beauty market in Singapore has been growing rapidly, and neighboring countries such as Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Malaysia are also growing. According to industry reports, Singapore’s beauty market has an annual growth rate of up to 10%, becoming one of the important growth engines of the global beauty market. This growth is mainly driven by factors such as the growing number of middle-class people, rising consumer awareness about beauty and skin care, and the rise of e-commerce

02 Consumer demand survey

Secondly, understanding consumer needs is the key to success. Consumers in Singapore have special needs and preferences for beauty products. They have higher requirements for product texture, coverage, sun protection effect, durability, etc. In addition, the climate in Singapore is hot and humid, so consumers tend to choose liquid foundation products with light texture, waterproof and sweatproof.

03 Competitive Analysis

Finally, understanding what your competitors are doing is crucial to developing an effective market strategy. The beauty market in Singapore is highly competitive, with many local and international brands emerging. Some well-known brands such as Maybelline, L’Oréal, Shiseido, etc. all have large market shares in the region. Therefore, how to compete with these powerful competitors will be a question we need to seriously consider.


Customized development of liquid foundation

01 Customized development of liquid foundation

Based on the climate characteristics and consumer skin color of Singapore, we need to develop suitable liquid foundation products. In terms of formula, we can consider adding ingredients with moisturizing, sunscreen and oil control functions to meet consumers’ needs for skin care functions. In addition, when choosing colors, we should give priority to colors suitable for yellow skin to ensure that the product can match the skin color characteristics of local consumers.

02 Texture and coverage

The texture and coverage of liquid foundation are factors that consumers pay great attention to when choosing products. Considering the hot and humid climate in Singapore, we need to choose a foundation with a light texture that allows the skin to breathe and is less likely to cause clogging and greasiness. At the same time, we also need to ensure the coverage of the product so that consumers can still maintain beautiful makeup in hot weather.

03 Add skin care ingredients

In addition to the basic concealer function, we can also consider adding some skin care ingredients to the liquid foundation, such as vitamin C, niacinamide, etc., to increase the added value of the product. Such a design can not only meet consumers’ needs for skin care, but also enhance the competitiveness of the product and attract more consumers.

Customized foundation formula

Brand positioning

01 Target consumer positioning

In terms of brand positioning, we need to clarify our target consumer groups. Based on the characteristics of consumers in Singapore, we can target young urban women, who have a higher pursuit of beauty and fashion, and also have certain spending power.

02 Brand philosophy and values

In terms of brand image, we can create a brand image that focuses on natural makeup and promotes confident beauty. We can use the brand concept of “Discover your true self and show your confidence” to convey a positive attitude towards beauty, so that consumers can feel the confidence and beauty conveyed by our products.

03 Pricing strategy

In view of the consumption level in Singapore, we can adopt a mid-range pricing strategy, which can not only ensure the quality of products and services, but also be acceptable to consumers. In addition, we can also launch some promotional activities with favorable prices to attract more consumers to try our products.

liquid foundation manufacturer

Regulations and certifications for liquid foundation business

01 Understand local regulations

Before launching products, we need to fully understand each country’s cosmetic regulations and standards. Various countries in the Singapore region have different regulations and requirements.We need to adjust product formulas and label information according to the regulations of different countries to ensure that the products comply with local regulations.

02 Apply for certification

In addition to regulatory requirements, we can also consider applying for some relevant certifications, such as ISO 22716 or GMP certification. These certifications can further prove the quality and safety of our products, enhance consumer trust, and enhance brand competitiveness.

Choose reliable liquid foundation manufacturers and suppliers

Establishing a reliable supply chain and production system is the key to ensuring product quality and stable supply. We need to choose suppliers and manufacturers with good reputation and rich experience, and establish long-term and stable cooperative relationships with them to ensure timely supply of products while ensuring quality and cost control.

OEM Liquid Foundation

Marketing of liquid foundation business

01 Online channel promotion

Promote and promote products through social media platforms and e-commerce websites. We can use social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook to publish content such as product introductions and makeup tutorials to attract consumers’ attention and purchases.

02 Participation in offline activities

Participating in offline and online beauty exhibitions and activities will make our products more widely known and help enhance our brand image. Through communication and interaction with consumers, we enhance consumers’ trust in our products and brands.

Sales channels

01 Online sales platform

Use e-commerce platforms such as Amazon and Taobao to sell products. By establishing an online store, we can expand the sales scope of our products and attract more consumers to buy our products.

02 Physical store sales

Cooperate with physical stores such as beauty stores, pharmacies and supermarkets to introduce products to offline sales channels. Increase product exposure and sales by opening counters in major shopping malls and shopping malls.

03 Distribution network expansion

Cooperate with some local dealers to expand the sales network of the entire brand, cover more and wider markets, and let consumers know more.


To sum up, to successfully start a liquid foundation business in the Singapore market, you need to fully understand the market demand, carefully develop products, clarify brand positioning, ensure that products comply with regulations and certification requirements, establish a stable supply chain and production system, and at the same time, through effective Marketing promotion and diversified sales channels attract more consumers and enhance brand competitiveness and market share. I believe that through our efforts and unremitting pursuit, we will be able to achieve brilliant results in the Singapore market!

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