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Makeup Brand in Asia

The Best-Selling Makeup Brand in Asia

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In the ever-evolving world of beauty and cosmetics, Asian markets have become a global epicenter for innovation and trends. The demand for high-quality makeup products has grown exponentially over the years, making Asia a hotbed for makeup brands to thrive and flourish.

Makeup Brand in Asia

Overview of makeup in the Asia market

Revenue in the Cosmetics market amounts to US$22.54bn in 2023.

The market is expected to grow annually by 3.51% (CAGR 2023-2028).

In global comparison, most revenue is generated in the United States (US$19,430m in 2023).

In relation to total population figures, per person revenues of US$44.43 are generated in 2023.

By 2023, 71% of sales in the Cosmetics market will be attributable to Non-Luxury goods.

Thailand famous private makeup brand


Mistine is one of the most well-known Thai makeup brands, and it offers a wide range of affordable cosmetics. Their products are often praised for their quality and variety, making them accessible to a broad consumer base.

Sivanna Colors

Makeup Brand in Asia

Sivanna Colors is popular for its trendy and fashionable makeup products. The brand is known for its high-quality, innovative, and affordable makeup items. They often release new collections that cater to different makeup trends.


In2it is known for its budget-friendly makeup products that don’t compromise on quality. They offer a variety of cosmetics, from eyeshadows to lipsticks, which are suitable for everyday use.

Gino McCray

This brand under the same company as Mistine, Better Way. They are known for their unique and stylish packaging and a range of makeup products that cater to different styles. The brand often emphasizes on offering high-quality, long-lasting products.

Singapore famous private makeup brand

3INA (pronounced Mee-Nah)

Makeup Brand in Asia

3INA is known for its commitment to cruelty-free and vegan makeup products. They offer a wide range of bold and trendy colors, making it a favorite among younger consumers. Their pricing is often competitive, and they have a reputation for high-quality products.

Kat Von D Beauty

Kat Von D Beauty is popular for its edgy and unconventional makeup products. It’s known for its long-lasting and highly pigmented products. The brand’s founder, Kat Von D, has a strong following, and the brand is cruelty-free and vegan.


Canmake is a Japanese brand that has gained popularity in Singapore for its cute and girly packaging. Their products are often designed with young consumers in mind. They offer a variety of affordable and trendy makeup items that cater to a wide audience.

Etude House

Etude House, a South Korean brand, is well-known for its adorable packaging and affordable prices. They offer a wide range of makeup and skincare products that are especially popular among teenagers and young adults. Their products are often formulated with fun and creativity in mind.

India famous private makeup brand

Sugar Cosmetics

Makeup Brand in Asia

Sugar Cosmetics is known for its trendy and vibrant makeup products. They focus on cruelty-free and paraben-free formulations, catering to a wide audience. Their lip products are particularly popular for their long-lasting wear.


Colorbar is recognized for its versatile and affordable makeup range. They provide a vast selection of shades for various skin tones and have a presence in both online and physical stores, making it convenient for customers.

Faces Canada

Faces Canada is praised for its quality makeup products that are suitable for Indian skin tones. They offer a range of products from lipsticks to foundations and are known for their long-lasting and pigmented formulas.

Bharat & Dorris

Bharat & Dorris is a brand known for its professional-quality makeup products. They are favored by makeup artists for their exceptional color payoff and longevity. The brand is also known for its wide range of shades for diverse skin tones.

Preferences for Makeup Products in the Asia

Makeup Brand in Asia

Central Asian

Natural and light makeup base: Consumers in the Central Asian market generally prefer natural makeup base and avoid overly heavy makeup. Lightweight foundations and pressed powders are very popular.

Gorgeous eye makeup: Central Asian women often pay attention to eye makeup, using eyeliner, eye shadow and mascara to enhance the attractiveness of their eye.

Sunscreen: Due to strong sunlight, consumers in Central Asian markets tend to use cosmetics containing sunscreen ingredients.

East Asian

Natural and flawless foundation: East Asian consumers prefer natural and flawless foundation, and light BB creams and foundations are common choices.

Highlighting Contouring Products: Highlighting contouring products that emphasize facial contours and accentuate the face are very popular.

Well-groomed eyebrows: In the East Asian market, well-groomed eyebrows are important, and eyebrow pencils and eyebrow powders are must-have products.

Southeast Asian

Highly heat-resistant cosmetics: Due to the tropical climate, consumers in the Southeast Asian market prefer products that are heat-resistant and waterproof.

Bright Colors: Bright, vibrant colors are very popular in eye shadow, lipstick, and nail polish.

Skin care cosmetics: Southeast Asian consumers usually value moisturizing and sun protection, so cosmetics with skin care functions are very popular.

West Asia

Natural tones: In the West Asian market, natural base makeup and neutral eye makeup colors are more popular.

Traditional elements: Some South Asian consumers like to incorporate traditional cultural elements, such as Indian prints and jewelry, into their makeup.

Sun protection and skin care: Consumers in the South Asian market are also concerned about sun protection and skin care, as tropical climates can have an impact on the skin.

Overall, cosmetics consumer preferences in Asian markets vary based on climate, culture and personal aesthetics. Therefore, understanding the characteristics of the local market is crucial to successfully promote a cosmetics brand, which can help meet consumer needs and improve sales performance.

If you want to start your makeup career?

Makeup Brand in Asia

Xiran Cosmetics, based in China, is widely known for its top-notch cosmetic products. Their makeup, skincare, and fragrance items cater to diverse consumer preferences, blending traditional beauty concepts with modern trends. What sets Xiran apart is its commitment to vibrant pigments, long-lasting formulas, and eco-friendly packaging. The company stays ahead of the beauty industry curve through continuous research and development, introducing cutting-edge products. Importantly, Xiran prioritizes ethical and sustainable practices, with a focus on cruelty-free testing and environmentally conscious manufacturing.

As a pioneer in cosmetics, Xiran offers personalized products tailored to individual needs, providing comprehensive services from market research to final packaging. Their dedication to quality, competitive pricing, and distinctive offerings has earned them success in both Chinese and global beauty markets. Xiran aims to foster long-lasting business partnerships, emphasizing collaboration for mutual succes

To sum up

Understanding the hot-selling cosmetics brands in the local market can bring us the following benefits: First, it helps us meet the needs of local customers and increase sales. Secondly, understanding competitors and market trends can help formulate more effective marketing strategies. Additionally, strong partnerships can be developed, working closely with local suppliers and retailers. Finally, improve brand awareness, increase market share and enhance competitiveness. In summary, understanding the top-selling cosmetics brands in the local market can help achieve greater business success.

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Makeup Brand in Asia

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