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The best-selling makeup brand in German

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The German market for base makeup is gaining popularity, thanks to its emphasis on skin well-being and achieving a natural makeup look. People prefer products with active ingredients like hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, and plant extracts. Natural, organic, and skin-friendly makeup bases are trendy, aligning with the desire for a naturally beautiful appearance. Exciting new products keep coming out, focusing on long-lasting moisture and a light feel, perfectly matching what today’s beauty-conscious consumers are looking for.

Overview of makeup brands in the German market

Revenue in the Cosmetics market amounts to US$2.75bn in 2023. The market is expected to grow annually by 2.23% (CAGR 2023-2028). In relation to total population figures, per person revenues of US$33.00 are generated in 2023. By 2023, 53% of sales in the Cosmetics market will be attributable to Non-Luxury goods.

Preferences for Makeup Products in the German

Quality and Effectiveness:

Germans focus on the quality and actual effectiveness of cosmetics. They tend to choose products that deliver outstanding results, long-lasting effects, and are skin-friendly.

Natural and Organic Ingredients:

There is a general awareness and preference for cosmetics with natural and organic ingredients to protect the skin and reduce environmental impact.

Cruelty-Free Products:

Protection of animals is a significant concern for Germans, and they prefer products labeled as cruelty-free, indicating that no animal testing was involved in their production.

Environmental Sustainability:

Germans are environmentally conscious and may favor brands that use eco-friendly packaging and recyclable materials.

Brand Reputation and Credibility:

Germans highly value brand reputation and credibility. They are more inclined to purchase products from brands with a good reputation, positive reviews, and strong business ethics.

In Sum Up

In the world of German makeup, diversity thrives! It’s a dynamic market that caters to everyone’s unique tastes. People here are loving natural and eco-friendly beauty, leaning towards products that are kind to animals and the environment. Whether it’s well-known brands or exciting new ones, the makeup scene is buzzing with options that adapt to what people really want. It’s all about expressing individual style while being mindful of the world around us.

Germans’ ingredient requirements for base makeup products

Hyaluronic acid:

It has excellent moisturizing ability, can absorb moisture and increase skin elasticity, making the base makeup fit the skin better and avoid dryness.

Vitamin E:

Acts as an antioxidant and helps protect skin from environmental irritants, making the base makeup fit the skin better and avoid dryness.


It has moisturizing and antioxidant effects, helps balance oil secretion, and makes makeup last longer and less likely to come off.


Fills in fine lines and pores, smoothes makeup and creates a flawless skin texture.

Moisturizing ingredients:

Such as glycerin, mannitol, etc., help maintain the skin’s moisture balance and make the base makeup fit better and not dry.

Plant extracts:

German consumers may be more inclined to base makeup products containing natural plant extracts, as these ingredients are often considered skin-friendly.

In Germany, people really care about makeup that keeps their skin moisturized, offers antioxidants, and is gentle. They want a natural and long-lasting look. So, picking makeup with these features is a good match for what they want and how they feel.


ARTDECO, a German beauty brand born in 1985, has crafted a legacy of high-quality makeup and groundbreaking products. Beyond borders, it sets trends in the cosmetics realm. With foundations, eyeshadows, and lipsticks, ARTDECO embraces diversity, fusing luxury and affordability. It’s not just about products; it’s a celebration of individual beauty worldwide. Choose ARTDECO for creativity, quality, and the freedom to express yourself.

While best-sellers can vary, ARTDECO’s High Precision Liquid Liner and the Dita Von Teese Collection were popular choices. Their eye shadows, especially those in magnetic palettes, were also well-received.

Catrice Cosmetics

Catrice Cosmetics, a beloved German beauty brand, is celebrated for its budget-friendly yet trendy makeup offerings. With a commitment to quality, the brand delivers a diverse range of cosmetics, including foundations, eyeshadows, and lip products. Catrice’s passion for innovation and keeping up with beauty trends encourages makeup enthusiasts to freely discover and express their individual styles.

Many people love Catrice’s Liquid Camouflage High Coverage Concealer for its amazing coverage and affordable price, making it a favorite among budget-conscious beauty enthusiasts. People also love the All Matt Plus Shine Control Powder and the Prime and Fine Professional Contouring Palette for their effectiveness.

Essence Cosmetics

Essence Cosmetics, a beloved and wallet-friendly beauty brand, is renowned for its lively and trend-savvy makeup offerings. From eyeshadows to lipsticks and nail polishes, Essence brings joy to beauty routines. Prioritizing quality at an affordable price, the brand is inclusive and caters to a diverse audience. With a dedication to staying trendy and innovative, Essence creates a colorful and thrilling makeup journey for makeup enthusiasts around the globe.

Essence’s Lash Princess Mascara gained fame for its voluminous effect. The Pure Nude Highlighter and Long lasting Lipsticks were also among customer favorites.

Manhattan Cosmetics

Manhattan Cosmetics, a beloved German beauty brand, has won hearts with its extensive lineup of top-notch makeup products. Committed to staying ahead in innovation and setting trends, Manhattan caters to diverse styles. Their vibrant color palettes, long-lasting formulas, and pocket-friendly prices have made them a favorite among makeup enthusiasts. Whether you’re into foundations, eyeshadows, lipsticks, or more, Manhattan ensures quality and affordability, making beauty accessible to all.

Manhattan’s Endless Stay Make-Up and Soft Mat Lip Creams have been well-received. The Eyemazing Eyeshadow Creams and Supersize Mascara were also popular choices.


Lavera, a beloved German cosmetic brand, embraces a natural and organic approach to beauty. Committed to sustainability, Lavera’s products are crafted with botanical ingredients. Their gentle formulations prioritize skin health while delivering a touch of luxury. Among their renowned makeup products, the Lavera Natural Liquid Foundation and Lavera Soft Eyeliner stand out for their quality and eco-friendly ethos. Experience beauty that harmonizes with nature through Lavera’s conscientious and effective cosmetics.

How do customize the perfect makeup product with your brand?

When you start a business in makeup product customization, a crucial first step is to define a clear product positioning for your brand. Begin by defining your brand’s identity, focusing on eye, face, and lip makeup. Tailor products to diverse skin types, meeting specific needs. Customize ingredients to accentuate unique features. Precise budgeting is key for navigating product development complexities. Choosing reliable suppliers is crucial for realizing your vision. Skillfully navigating these stages ensures your brand shines in the competitive base makeup market.

Who can help you?

makeup manufacturer

With a rich 15-year history in customizing formulas and production, Guangzhou Xiran Cosmetics Factory boasts a dedicated team of 10 R&D chemists offering over 10,000 stock formulas. Collaborating with experimental teams in the UK, France, and Germany, Xiran create innovative products and premium formulations tailored to global market demands. Our rigorous quality testing, comprising over 10 procedures from raw materials to finished products, ensures excellence. Prioritizing premium natural, vegan, and cruelty-free formulas, Xiran’s R&D team delivers an unmatched level of service and reliability, reflecting our commitment to customer satisfaction. This thoughtfully curated line provides personalized shade matching, custom formulations for your specific skin type, and the flexibility to adjust coverage according to your desires. Through these innovations, we empower our esteemed customers to achieve unmatched flawless, natural beauty.

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