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Top 10 Best Makeup Factories In 2024

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The popularity of private label beauty products has skyrocketed in recent years. Rising customer demand for customized and unique beauty products is a significant factor in this growth. Private label makeup manufacturers enable companies to develop unique formulas, shades, and packaging, helping them to stand out in a competitive market and cater to specific customer needs. Additionally, private label cosmetics offer a more affordable alternative to expensive luxury brands, appealing to a broader range of consumers. Identifying the best makeup factories in the global beauty industry requires a multifaceted approach beyond just looking at revenue.

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While large companies dominate sales figures, smaller companies excel in innovation, quality, sustainability, and customization. Here is a refined guide to help you find the best makeup factories in 2024, regardless of their size: Top 10 Best Makeup Factories.

1. Columbia Cosmetics Manufacturing.Inc.

columbia cosmetics

Founded in 1978 in the San Francisco Bay Area, Columbia Cosmetics has evolved into one of North America’s largest private label cosmetic manufacturers. They also offer a comprehensive range of stock color cosmetics inns, innovative skin care products, and complete custom formulation services.

Located in California, USA

Main Products: Makeup, Skin Care

Services: Private Label, Contract Manufacturing, Custom Formulation

2. Audrey Morris Cosmetics

audrey morris cosmetics

Audrey Morris Cosmetics is the industry leader in private label cosmetics manufacturing and your one-stop shop for all cosmetics business needs. And now the industry’s hub for the highest quality cosmetics and skincare! If you want to skip the complex and stressful phase of cosmetic formula development and want to launch your brand quickly, this is a great opportunity!

Located in: Florida, USA

Main Products: Makeup, Skin Care

Services: Private label, Contract Manufacturing

3. Guangzhou Xiran Cosmetics Co., Ltd.

xiran cosmetics

Xiran provides comprehensive cosmetic contract manufacturing services worldwide. Xiran Factory is one of the premier cosmetic contract manufacturers in China and a cosmetic supplier of a wide range of other cosmetic and beauty products.

Whether you are a startup or an established company looking to expand your product offerings, contact our experts and select the products you want to launch. We will all handle the formulation, packaging, raw materials, and other elements. Our professional designers will help you choose the best logo, design, and materials for branding and packaging. With our extensive experience in global and domestic markets, we are committed to delivering award-winning products you can be proud of.

Located in Guangzhou, China

Main Products: Makeup

Services: Private label, Contract Manufacturing, Custom Formulation, Customized Packaging, Logistic Service, Certificate Authentication.

4. BO International

bo international

Bo International is a leading personal care cosmetics manufacturer with a global presence, offering a broad range of products and services, from custom formulation and private label manufacturing services to producing essential oils and natural kinds of butter.

Located in: India

Main Products: Skin Care, Hair Care, Makeup & Beauty Care, Men Care

Services: Private label, Contract Manufacturing

5. Kolmar Korea

kolmar korea

Kolmar Korea is the first ODM company in the Korean cosmetics industry. Based on the world’s leading technology and quality control expertise, it provides a full range of services from trend suggestions, product development, and manufacturing to logistics management.

It is located in Korea

Main Products: Makeup, Nail Polish, Skin Care And Personal Care

Services: OEM/ ODM/Platform Service

6. Intercos Group

intercos group

Intercos Group has specialized in makeup, nail polish, skin care and personal care products since 1972. Intercos is the only cosmetics manufacturer to offer the same high-quality standards and technologies, with a local presence worldwide through 15 commercial offices and 15 production facilities in 12 countries.

Located in: Italy

Main Products: Makeup

Services: Private label, Contract Manufacturing

7. Pinnacle Cosmetics

pinnacle cosmetics

Pinnacle Private Label Cosmetics specializes in high-quality products with various color options. They pride themselves on using only the highest standard pigments and ingredients. All products are individually packaged and ready for Retail.

It is located in Canada

Main Products: Makeup, Skin Care

Services: Private label, Retail

8. SBLC Cosmetics

sblc cosmetics

SBLC Cosmetics is the best private label cosmetics manufacturer in Germany, providing high-end cosmetics from well-known luxury brands. Their young team aims to achieve advanced brand development, private label production and product development, with the lowest minimum purchase quantity in the industry. They also provide product development services based on creativity.

Located in München, DE

Main Products: Makeup, Skin Care, Hair Care

Services: Private Label, Custom Formulation, Contract Manufacturing

9. Genie Supply

genie supply

Genie Supply is a lab and manufacturing facility located in Bedford, Indiana, in the heart of the Midwest. They opened their lab 3 years ago and hit the ground running. The main focus is working with entrepreneurs and those looking to transition from home manufacturing to their first foray into small or large Retail. Products include over 100 private label SKUs, including color cosmetics, skincare, and many other formulations custom-made for their customers.

Located in Indiana; United States

Main Products: Makeup, Skin Care

Services: Private Label, Custom Formulation, Contract Manufacturing



Founded in 1992, COSMAX Group has grown to become the ‘World’s No. 1 Beauty & Health ODM Company’. Approximately 500 researchers work on technological innovation and creative product development at a world-class R&D center. In addition, all members are cultivating global competitiveness to become ‘World’s No. 1’.

Located: Korea, China, USA, Indonesia, Thailand

Main products: Personal care and skin care, hair care, cosmetics

Services: Private label, custom formulation, contract manufacturing

Five Key Factors To Consider When Looking For Makeup Factories

Quality and Innovation:

Quality control capabilities are the top priority when choosing a makeup factory. Review its quality control process, including testing and investigating raw materials and finished products. In addition, production equipment, workplaces, and representative preparation are key factors to ensure stable product quality.

On the other hand, it is also essential to find companies known for quality ingredients and innovative products. Smaller brands often lead the market by adopting unique formulas and advanced technologies. These factories provide high-quality products and bring leaps and bounds of innovation.

Technical Strength

The technical strength of the cosmetics factory is essential to the quality and market reaction of the product. When choosing a makeup manufacturer, inspecting whether it has advanced production equipment and technical capabilities is fundamental. Suppose the factory can provide innovative formulas and production processes. In that case, it will assist with making great beauty care products and win market acknowledgment.

Dependability and Consistency

Cosmetics manufacturers should consent to significant regulations, guidelines, and principles to guarantee the well-being of the raw materials, formulas, and production environment.

Reliable brands reliably follow through on their commitments and keep up with exclusive requirements across all product offerings. Quality and service consistency are fundamental signs of top cosmetics manufacturers.

Cost and Productivity

You can find the most ideal choice by contacting different factories and checking the cost.

Meanwhile, understanding the factory’s production capacity, request handling capacities, and creation cycle to guarantee that orders are finished on time is likewise a key element.

Quick Response Speed

For makeup factories, quick response is essential to a high-quality cosmetics factory. At the point when a clump of cosmetics should be delivered in a brief period, it is critical that the factory can respond rapidly to requests. Choose whether to pick a factory by contacting customer service to comprehend its reaction time and capacity to handle orders.


Whether you choose white label or private label, our team will guide you through every step to ensure your makeup line ideas become a reality.

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Xiran Cosmetics embodies this commitment, guiding brands to ensure their makeup lines reflect their unique identity and strategic goals. We specialize in supporting startup brands and established companies in choosing the most appropriate way to enter or grow your cosmetics market.

Are you ready to take the next step in establishing your makeup brand? Contact Xiran Cosmetics to learn how we can help you turn your ideas into marketable products. Visit our website, contact us via our contact page, or call us directly to start your journey.

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