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How To Choose The Right Lipstick Manufacturer For Your Brand

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What should you pay attention to when choosing an OEM lipstick manufacturer? How to search for a lipstick manufacturer? The difference between OEM and ODM in lipstick manufacturers. The following introduction on how to choose the proper lipstick manufacturer for your brand hopes to be helpful to everyone.

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Three reasons why you should look for a lipstick manufacturer

1.Full Service

Lipstick manufacturers can provide entrepreneurs with production services, including products, manufacturing, packaging design, etc. Whether you lack product capabilities or need to learn about production and manufacturing, lipstick manufacturers can provide excellent services and consultation to help your product leap from 0 to 1.

2.Product Quality Guarantee

The production equipment and processes owned by lipstick manufacturers, the quality and safety of their products. In cosmetics production, safety and quality have always been concerns of entrepreneurs. Lipstick manufacturers have the production equipment and processes to ensure the safety of the production process and the quality of the products. At the same time, lipstick manufacturers will provide quality inspection reports for each product to ensure its safety and legality.

3.Low Cost Production

Lipstick manufacturers can also provide entrepreneurs with low-cost production services. Compared with setting up their cosmetics production factory, lipstick manufacturers can significantly reduce production costs, making it easier for entrepreneurs to have their products. At the same time, it can also develop different production plans according to the needs of entrepreneurs and flexibly meet various needs.

What to look for before choosing the proper lipstick manufacturer

Lipstick Manufacturer,

1.The qualifications and strength of the factory

Brand owners must choose cosmetics factories with qualifications and strength, including production licenses and quality management system certifications.

2.The factory’s production capacity and quality control capabilities

Brand owners need to choose factories with production capacity and quality control capabilities, including advanced production equipment and complete quality control systems.

3.Factory service and delivery capabilities

Brand owners must choose factories with service and delivery capabilities, including complete service processes and fast delivery cycles.

4.Factory prices and cooperation models

Brand owners need to choose factories with reasonable prices and cooperation models, including reasonable price systems and flexible cooperation models.

Choosing the Right Lipstick Manufacturer: Key Factors to Consider

1.Conduct on-site inspections of manufacturers

When choosing a manufacturer, on-site inspection is essential. Not only can you understand the manufacturer’s strength, but you can also observe each employee’s work. Moreover, the price will be discounted to avoid intermediaries earning the difference.

2.Look at the strength of the factory

When conducting an inspection, it is necessary to see whether a manufacturer’s R&D team is sound, whether the laboratory is more stable, and whether the innovative formula can meet market demand. Only after you understand these clearly can you develop better.

3.Understand the formula

If the lipstick manufacturer has an R&D team, the team must be very skilled in understanding the product’s formula. The team will have little understanding of the formula, which the manufacturer didn’t develop himself. Be careful when choosing.

4.Completeness of equipment

It depends on whether the manufacturer’s equipment is complete. This has a significant impact on the research and development of products. Only when the equipment is complete and the employees are familiar with the technology can a better brand be created.


what is oem &odm

Cosmetics production is divided into two modes: independent and outsourced. As the beauty supply chain continues to mature and optimize, except for a few beauty brands with self-built factories in China, most companies choose to entrust manufacturers to produce, divided into OEM and ODM.

ODM stands for “Original Design Manufacturer.” Under the ODM model, the manufacturer handles raw materials and formulas, and the brand owner does not enjoy intellectual property rights to formulas, designs, etc. A manufacturer manufactures multiple brands simultaneously, making it easy for different brands to have similar products.

The OEM model is more “customized”. The brand explores user needs and provides the needs to R&D personnel for customization and experimentation rather than directly copying existing formulas. But they all focus on product development, processing and manufacturing, and production processes.

Types of Private Label Lipstick Products

Private label lipstick manufacturers produce a variety of lipstick products. They come in different shades and textures and are made using other ingredients. Here is a list of cosmetics from private label lipstick manufacturers.


Ingredients used to produce lipstick products include mica powder, silica, CI, wax, etc. Make sure to order from a makeup manufacturer that makes paraben-free. These products can consist of bold and nude shades, with different color schemes depending on the occasion.


Here are a few ways to choose the proper private label lipstick manufacturer for your business. Guangzhou Xiran Cosmetics Co., Ltd. is China’s leading private label lipstick manufacturer. They employ the latest innovations and technologies to maintain product quality and safety standards. The formulator will accept custom formulas and ingredients based on your requirements.

Therefore, you can change the lipstick’s composition, appearance, texture, and shade according to your requirements. We also provide a series of solutions, such as customized packaging. Contact us to learn more about our private-label products and services.

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