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Unveiling Clean Beauty: How to Stay True to Natural Origins in Makeup Brands

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In 2010, Collagen Beauty was the first clean beauty brand among Watsons’ brands. It has been dedicated to skincare and beauty for more than ten years.

As the only clean beauty brand under Watson’s private label, Collagen Beauty evolved successfully in 2022 into Clean Beauty 2.0, rebranded as the Collagen Geo series. Collagen Geo stands out as one of the early adopters of clean beauty in the industry.

Collagen Geo has always adhered to cosmetics based on skin care. It insists on not adding ingredients that are harmful to the skin, not harming animals, not adding ingredients from animals, and not doing animal testing. Most products contain more than 50% of their ingredients from natural sources and have passed sensitive skin testing. It provides a green and environmentally friendly purchasing option for more and more consumers who are beginning to pay attention to the ingredients and efficacy of cosmetics.

Current Status Of The Clean Beauty Market

The global clean beauty market was US$5.44 billion in 2020, expected to grow in value, reaching approximately US$11.56 billion in 2027. In addition, from brands to retail companies to beauty OEM manufacturers, they are also entering the clean beauty industry.

Clean beauty brands generally use safe and systematic ingredients, environmental sustainability, and safe use for sensitive skin as their central claims in China.

In the cosmetics category, foundation/makeup remover/lip makeup has become the leading force in the clean track, among which the sales of foundation exploded with a growth rate of 29.55%.

The Development History Of Clean Beauty

Clean Beauty originated in Europe and the United States in 1970 and started late in China.

As the clean beauty market has grown in popularity recently, many cosmetics manufacturers, brands, and international brands have expanded into this field by acquiring brands and other methods.

In 2019, some foreign clean beauty brands have successively entered China’s e-commerce platforms, and the domestic market has also begun to convey the concept of “clean beauty” to consumers.

Watsons’ beauty brand Collagen Beauty was also upgraded to Collagen Geo in 2023, becoming the only clean beauty brand among Watsons’ brands.


What Is Clean Beauty

The definition of clean beauty in the international market is diverse, and it mainly advocates “no additives, natural, zero harm.”

In 2018, Sephora launched Clean at Sephora, a dedicated Clean Beauty product category, banning 13 specific harmful ingredients from these brands’ products for the first time.

Clean Beauty Products 2024

In 2022, a more stringent Clean+Planet Positive label will be added, with the number of banned ingredients increased to fifty, and brands will be required to focus on four aspects: climate commitments, sustainable procurement, responsible packaging, and environmental donations.

Jessica Alba, a well-known American Hollywood actress, founded “The Honest Company,” which not only launches a variety of organic baby products and home cleaning products but also natural and organic skincare and cosmetics so that that beauty can be free from health concerns.

The organic skincare brand “KORA Organics,” founded by Australian supermodel Miranda Kerr, emphasizes that all products have obtained COSMOS/Ecocert organic certification, do not contain sulfates, parabens, artificial flavors and colors, and insist on using natural ingredients.

In addition to the popularity of Clean Beauty in Europe and the United States, many celebrities and artists in Taiwan are also paying more and more attention to the ingredients in skin care products. The clean skincare brand “Nomel,” founded by Melinda Yang, Yu-Ning Yang’s wife, emphasizes that the products are made from clean, vegan, and animal-free ingredients.

Consumer Awareness Of Clean Beauty

Consumers already have a particular understanding of clean beauty in countries where the beauty industry developed earlier.

Beauty-certification in international

1. Consumer Perceptions of the Clean Beauty Market

In the UK, 91% of consumers consider sustainability and ethical considerations necessary when purchasing beauty and health products;
In Japan, 90% of consumers are willing to buy clean beauty products;
In South Korea, 78% of consumers purchase products that are more environmentally friendly;
In France, 74% of consumers believe it is important to use cosmetics products that are non-toxic to the environment;
In Spain, 54% of consumers are concerned that natural products contain unsustainable ingredients;
In the United States, 44% of consumers are willing to buy natural and organic products.

2. Global Organizations Promoting Social Responsibility in Cosmetics

Different international organizations pay attention to social responsibility issues in the cosmetics industry and gain resonance from consumers.

Clean Beauty

International celebrities have lent their voices to the animated short film “Save Ralph” and fully participated in the Humane Society International’s (HSI) support of the global campaign to “ban cosmetics animal testing.” Although 40 countries worldwide have banned cosmetics animal testing, this is still untrue in most regions. This practice is still perfectly legal and causes thousands of animals to suffer needlessly and even die.

Watsons’ Clean Beauty Standard

As the only clean beauty brand Watsons owns, Collagen Geo has formulated stricter guidelines – safe, natural, sustainable, and green. It has an exclusive product development and testing process.

In the early stages of product development, formulas must be checked against the Collagen Clean Beauty ingredient blocklist, where EU toxicologists fully assess product safety.

clean beauty in makeup
clean beauty in makeup

The raw materials must have COA (Certificate of Analysis) and MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) certificates.

The entire line of products minimizes the use of fragrances. If individual products encounter limitations in formula characteristics, fragrance ingredients certified by IFRA (International Fragrance Association) will be added.

In addition, formulas need to undergo rigorous Security testing and detection. Three tests include Microbiological testing, preservative challenges, and efficacy testing, and two tests include fragrance sensitivity skin suitability testing and heavy metals and hazardous substance testing. They are committed to providing safe and easy-to-use cosmetics products.

In addition to focusing on creating a good makeup feel, Collagen Geo makes products that can meet a variety of makeup looks based on consumers’ needs at different times, seasons, and scenes.

Through targeted technology enhancement, we solve different product pain points, focusing on the core demands of consumers, such as a good makeup feel, no powder sticking, and smooth makeup, to have a clean formula and provide consumers with the ultimate makeup experience.

Watsons Collagen Geo uses 4R packaging thinking regarding packaging materials: Reduce, Replace, Rethink, and Recycle to contribute to environmental protection effectively.

Clean cosmetics products in the international market have relevant regulations on raw materials and their sources, including evaluation standards for natural ingredients and a list of prohibited raw materials. Raw materials, packaging materials, ingredients, etc., can all obtain relevant certifications to reflect its positioning of clean cosmetics.

In China, regulations for the clean beauty industry have also been gradually improved. In July 2022, the Guangdong Cosmetics Association issued the 《Cosmetics General Standards of clean beauty》, which has a clear definition of clean beauty:

Beauty-certification in  China

It is stipulated that clean cosmetics should be based on openness, transparency, traceability, responsibility for human health and safety, environmental friendliness, kindness to animals, social responsibility, and humanitarian concepts, from design, production, packaging, storage and transportation, use, and other stages. Risks are strictly controlled to meet Clean Beauty standards.

As early as January 1, 2021, cosmetics registration information management regulations: exemption from animal testing starting from May 1, promulgated the 《Cosmetics General standards of clean beauty》 in 2022, restrictions on 《Restricting Excessive Packaging of Food and Cosmetics》 in 2023, etc documents.


Safety and efficacy remain paramount. While foreign consumers prioritize safety and environmental friendliness, domestic consumers emphasize ingredient efficacy alongside safety considerations.

Amidst intensified competition, clean beauty brands must align with functional skincare demands to captivate consumers.

Xiran Cosmetics, an Asian clean cosmetics manufacturer, leads the charge with its rigorous purity standards spanning raw materials, formulations, packaging, and production, embodying the essence of clean beauty.

As consumers increasingly prioritize environmental consciousness and streamlined skincare, the clean beauty market thrives, heralding a new era of purity in cosmetics.

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